How to Convert Airtel 3G SIM into 4G

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  1. aziba says:

    i can’t upgrade my Airtel 3g sim to 4g

  2. Ilyas ali tabi says:

    I went to airtel office since 3 days…to activate 3g to 4g..they did all required procedures…and provide me 4g sim..I texted sim 121 and confrm.with 1…bt since 3 days my 4g sim activation is under process..again I visited airtel office…bt still not get any satisfaction..plz help me…

    • Elisheba Samuel says:

      Same thing happened to me . It’s still under process for the past two weeks.

    • M. LOGESWARI says:

      Two days back i changed my sim from 3g to 4g in online.. & they delivered new 4g sim at home.. I insert my sim into phn after i got msg af activation of my new sim. Bt as soon as i insert the sim it asks pin fr unlock d sim.. I don’t know what to do. I called customer care and ask about that they told that go to show room they will in show room, they told that we cant unlock d sim.. U will buy a new sim as the same number.. The problem is that sim was bought by my cousin.. Now he s not here.. He s in north. They told he only hav to come and buy.. Its not possible to come here.. What i do.. Dis s my private number.. I need dis number.. Wht i do to get dis number again….its frustrated to me..

  3. Vignesh says:

    Is it possible to convert airtel 3g sim to 4g sim and use the 4g sim in 3g handset and to use the offer of 4g in 3g mode

  4. Manish says:

    I have 3 g support device but I want 4 g speed in my device , how can I get..?

    • Admin says:

      You can’t get 4G speed because speed depends on the frequency band. Each band has a defined upper and lower frequency limit

  5. surath says:

    I already bought 4g sim from retailer…. Sim also activated after 24 hours in same old number.. But problems is that sim is still not 4g by network…. Still 3g not converted….need hlp

  6. gopal negi says:

    How to use 4g handset Airtel 4G sim
    Actually my handset sport 4g but I am not use 4g data only use 3g use 4g phone
    How to convert 3g to 4g
    Plz tell me

  7. Vishnu says:

    I want convert my sim 3Gto4G..please help me..

  8. Lekhraj Sharma says:

    I have requested 4 times via online portal and 4 times via 121 to change the SIM. But there is not positive response since 13th June. I am struggling to replace my 3G SIM to 4G

  9. joji says:

    I send the new sim 20 word they are not receiving the message

  10. Prem says:

    i can’t upgrade my Airtel 3g sim to 4g

  11. Munna says:

    क्या आप मेरे सिम को उप्ग्रेअद कर सकते है 9695218709

  12. Jishnu says:

    Is there any offer provided for upgrading 2g to 4g .

  13. Harsh singh says:

    I had taken a offer of Rs148 but that offer was for 4G sim but i have a 3G sim internet is not working in that 3G sim what should i do plz help

  14. pawan says:

    plz help me my no prot to 3g to 4g no is 9896412301

    other no is 9582675800

  15. hari mittar says:

    Convert 3G sim no to 4G sim no

  16. Jyotish Ch.Goyary says:

    Yesterday at night i.e. 17/7/2017, i request to upgrade through message from my old 3g micro sim to 4g sim, i got the sim from a retail shop of airtel. But still am not getting network of 4g. The nework is clear and very good showing at my mobile. The old sim of 3g has been stop of working. Now, can anybody help me for getting my 4g sim operated urgently. Awaiting for early reply.


  17. Ranjan Kumar Barik says:

    I have recharge rs. 399/- Airtel plan but I have facing some problems there is not a show H++ IN MY Moto G3 phone .
    And another problem is that some time shows 3G but after few minutes is was shows E. Plz solve the problems.

  18. ramesh sharma says:

    Please my sim 4G upgrade 8349896917

  19. Unknown says:

    Hi…I have accidentally recharged the 4g plan on my 3g sim….if I get new 4g sim…the plan will still continued or not

  20. maahi says:

    Is 399 plan works on 3g sim with 4g handset…..plz rply sr

  21. Adarsh kumar says:

    Mera 3g sim convert kar digye 4g me free

  22. Ankit says:

    Hey, whats the price for upgradation of sim from airtel store?
    At my place they are asking for Rs. 70? Is it everywhere or wat? Coz at my place here in Puri, Odisha , they cheat in everything, ppl working in any offices here don’t hv any professionalism & they try to loot in everything.

  23. Seemon says:

    The sim no will change if it upgrade from 3g to online process???????????
    Plz tell me……

  24. lee says:

    Hi… Cud it possible to get sim of other state from diff state? Like rite now I’m in guwahati and using nagaland sim.. So cud it possible to get the same no. Nagaland sim in Guwahati, Assam? I need to convert it to 4G from 3G before date 3 Aug… Urgent pliz reply thankyou

  25. Kunal says:

    I have a 3G phone and so I donot want to upgrade.. Would my number be blocked after the date mentioned in the SMS from Airtel?

  26. Ajay J says:

    Sir can I upgrade sim in roaming also or not. Because I am in roaming and airtel giving messege me to upgrade otherwise sim deactivated.

  27. Angshih says:

    Couldn’t upgrade my sim into 4g

  28. taka says:

    Approximately how long does it takes for an new 4g sim to arrive or if we request in an airtel store how long will it take ??

  29. Nani Tada says:

    I have upgraded my Airtel 3G sim to 4G,the retailer charged Rs.50/- and I also linked my aadhar to Airtel for this also charged Rs. 50/- whereas it should be free of any charges. I confronted the retailer but in vain, he has so many excuses. Should I complain to the TRAI/Consumer Forum?

  30. Devinder says:

    After changing to 4g what about my balance

  31. Sultan says:

    How was a airtl 4g net speed it’s better than Jio or not,& tell me if I convert my Airtel 3g into 4g what kind of offer will be there for me.and plzz gve me sgetion which network is best for 4g speed.

  32. barsha says:

    hi,my mobile handset is 3g and since i cannot upgrade my 3g sim to 4g so will my 3g sim be deactivated

  33. Ashwini says:

    how much time require to get your 4G sim via online process?

  34. raj says:

    hi admin ..i have requested for a new 4g sim online./it got cancelled.what may the problem

  35. Atharva says:

    If i upgrade to 4G sim with the same mobile number then will my 3Gsim balance will be refunded

  36. Manish Saxena says:

    I had sended the message with new 4g sim card no. to 121, after receiving the msg from 121, I confirmed with 1.
    after that I got a message “This is not a valid keyword please send HELP to 121.

    what can I do?

  37. Prince says:

    Will that blank SIM will be the same mobile number as before?

  38. Vijay says:

    Bhaeya hamara sim bhi upgrade 3g /4g me kar digiye my no 9889864084

  39. Ishwari Prasad Tiwari says:

    I have given a request to upgrade my airtel sim to 4G two month back but till date it’s not upgraded, my airtel no is 9630846600, kindly help on this. This no linked with aadhar also. Don’t have time to go to retailer.

  40. Arabind says:

    How to get Free 4G net mb in new 4G sim convert form 3G sim

  41. Muana* says:

    I got a message saying “upgrade your sim to 4g, otherwise you cannot use data services after 16th-09-2017”. What shall I do now?

  42. Ashish says:

    Sim convert ka msg aa gya but network show ni kr a h 5 hour ho gye… sim ni chal ri kya karu…

  43. Ashish Kamone says:

    I have 3G handset and I need to update 3G sim into 4 sim. Is it possible?

  44. Zaib says:

    I brought 4g mob
    And recharged for 4g data plan
    I forgot that my sim was 3g
    How can I change my sim and vill My plan remain even after changing to 4g

  45. रोहित सैनी says:

    हमने कल अपने 3g को कन्वर्ट कराकर 4g किया है मेसेज आया है मगर शो अभी भी 2g ही कर रहा है और पता भी नही चल रहा है कि फ्री डेटा मिला है कि नही कुछ नही समझ आ रहा है।

  46. jethuram mahanta says:

    Sir i am jethuram mahanta. My mobile no +917609973494.but didn’t network on my mobile please suggest me.

  47. Gaidinlung kamei says:

    Upgrade 3g SIM to 4g SIM

  48. Sagrika says:

    Hii all, I read everyone’s problem so thought of texting, yesterday (25/9/17) i upgraded my sim, they gave me one 4g sim and from my old 3g sim i texted the 20 digit no to 121 and confirmed with 1,after 1-2hours i got some confirmation msg and configuration setting msgs then i did all required stuffs then network enabled.. I can say within 2-3hrs only i got my new network.. Thanks

  49. A Lipise. Sangtam says:

    Is there any offer when we upgrade 3g to 4g SIM?

  50. Hitesh says:

    Is there any charge for upgrading to 3g to 4g. They have taken 10 /- per sim

  51. Tiasha says:

    Is it mandatory to take a 4 G sim? Will the messages in my 3G sim get deleted if i take a 4G sim? Can i continue with my 3G sim instead?

  52. Lam says:

    I have already upgraded my sim to 4g but why do I keep getting notifications to upgrade?

  53. Timmy says:

    Do I need to wait to insert the 4G sim…. The retailer told me to insert the sim after the Network is gone, so i did that but I tried to check my Bal and No. It doesn’t work….. Do i Need to Wait for it To activate?

  54. Shivam Tiwari says:

    Sir what to do for converting my 3g prepaid sim to 4g sim by online??

  55. Okram Michael Singh says:

    it is necessary to upgrade 3g to 4g without 4g supported phone.If I will upgrade to 4g it will work or not because my phone is 3g please tell me about this matter

  56. aashu says:

    If i convert my 3g sim in 4g then i will get 2 gb 4G data free.sir is it true?

  57. NIRBHAY says:


    • Admin says:

      Hi Nirbhay, you don’t need to pay any amount for this service. This service is free or your Old SIM balance amount will automatically shift.

  58. Asit Sen says:

    If i change my sim then all the contacts will get erased?

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