All SIM Mobile Number Check (Airtel-BSNL-IDEA-Jio-Vodafone)

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  2. Divy says:

    Vodafone net loan

  3. shilpa says:


  4. Ranjit pandey says:


  5. Jeet says:

    Very good

  6. d.kohli says:


  7. d.kohli says:

    very good and usfull to all

  8. indrajeet chauhan says:

    Very very thank you

  9. anoj raj says:

    Very good my freande

  10. shivendra rathore says:

    very good and excelent

  11. ankit chauhan says:

    Mera yah khna hai ki aap muchhe safe code ko mere email pa bhije jishase number check ho

  12. jayesh says:

    Not my saw idea phone naber

  13. yash says:

    Nice one

  14. Laxman says:

    Not idea number sow

  15. ishaq says:

    nice singal but net slow

  16. karna says:

    How to see my jio number off line

  17. Śuraj kumar says:


  18. Arup kumar sarkar says:

    It has not worked in my idea SIM

  19. Santosh pasi says:

    Very nice

  20. pankaj devvanshi says:

    thanks sir…………………………….

  21. SONU ALI says:


  22. Babalu kumar prajapati says:

    Very nice

  23. Kunwar Ashesh Kr Singh says:


  24. Krunal says:

    It is not work in my idea sim….

  25. sanat says:

    Nice performed

  26. Bhupendra says:

    So nice

  27. vicky singh says:

    My sim is blocked how can unblock

  28. nitesk khanna says:


  29. samir says:

    all code correctly working thanx

  30. NAWAB says:

    Osm good job ….

  31. Tanveer ahmad says:

    wonderful now i can check all no of my sim thanx alot and find very easily..

  32. gayyur says:

    very nice

  33. Manish sinfh says:

    Very nice code

  34. pavan says:

    usless reliance code to check my own mobile on phone doesn’t work can anyone help me with the precised code to know my reliance mobile number plz

  35. prabbat kumar says:


  36. rahul kumar says:

    airtel-*121*1#or *121*9#

  37. syed says:

    very good

  38. RISHI KUMAR says:

    My sim is blocked

  39. M salman says:

    Thanks but Jio code 1299

  40. dhas says:

    aircel not working

  41. Vasudevan says:

    Not banl number chack

  42. suren tanti Asssam says:

    acha laga

  43. harry says:

    Thanku so much

  44. Manjunath says:

    Thank you very much

  45. Ajay says:

    I asked Sim number, not mobile number… 20digit SIM number by using ussd code

  46. madhuri says:

    It’s really very useful site for me… Thnx mr. ….😋

  47. Ramanatha says:

    It’s nice

  48. wahnsinnig says:

    Thank you so much. It was really helpful. Keep up the good work… 😇

  49. CHANDAN says:

    It is Really Helpful thank you so much

  50. Aibadat Husain says:

    Help riyal

  51. Abhishek SIngh says:

    Thanks For Give Me All USSD Codes

  52. vishnu says:

    thanks for give me all ussd codes

  53. margesh solanki says:

    thanks a lot for give me all ussd codes

  54. manohar says:

    for BSNL *555# working

  55. Nitin Sharma says:

    Thanks a Lot For Give me all ussd code

  56. Tapan De says:


  57. soundar says:

    thanks very useful

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